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Generic /etc/fstab entries after installation [was: Re: Reality check!]

bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr (Stephane Bortzmeyer) writes:

> On Wednesday 27 January 1999, at 14 h 40, the keyboard of Paul Seelig 
> <pseelig@mail.uni-mainz.de> wrote:
> > What i miss after the base install is:
> > 
> >   - a default entry with the correct block device as used for the
> >     installation for accessing the CD drive in /etc/fstab like:
> > 
> >          /dev/hdc  /cdrom  iso9660  ro,noauto,user 0   0
> A small possible problem: it conflicts with the default access method for 
> dselect, multi_cd, which does not expect the CD to be already mounted (even 
> with "noauto", this is a risk). So, it would require a reorganization. 
Sorry, but i fear i don't really understand what you mean...  

Just to make myself clear: i'm referring to an installed Debian Linux
system which should be ready for use - my wording "after the base
install" was obviously not precise enough - my fault.

How could the simple entry of one single line containing the most
important word "noauto" in /etc/fstab after installation be a problem?
How should this conflict with any method at all if the CD-ROM *can't*
be automatically mounted because of the present "noauto" parameter?
How could this be a risk even with "noauto"?  If i'm lacking serious
RTFM please tell me where i'm confused and maybe what i've been
missing to read.

It's not only IMHO a very favorable detail to not have to bother about
having to insert an entry for the CD drive and the floppy into
"/etc/fstab" after installation because it is already there ready for
use.  This is simply userfriendlyness which even the most die hard
sysadmin would probably appreciate as being convenient.  I think these
minor details count a lot when evaluating a distribution's qualities -
especially since Debian's qualities are not really visible at the
first or even the second glance for a complete newcomer.

> But the 
> /dev/cdrom link is there and is more important, IMHO. It allows multi_cd to go 
> on smoothly.
Hmmm, i've installed for testing purposes a completely new Debian
system almost ten times in the last two days but there never was any
/dev/cdrom link to be found.  And yes, i've switched to using the
latest boot floppies from incoming as uploaded by Enrique just
yesterday (made me happy to see the [y/n] stuff fixed :).  If a
generic and correct /dev/cdrom link would exist it should be trivial
to find the right generic entry for "/etc/fstab":

    /dev/cdrom  /cdrom  iso9660  ro,noauto,user 0   0

I'll try to find out how to include this into the setup routine (but
won't promise anything).
                                Thank you, P. *8^)
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