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Re: XFree86 at master.debian.org/~branden/xfree86

On Thu 28 Jan 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:
> BTW, There are two kinds of sparc64 support: usermode and kernel mode.
> Usermode stuff is a _long_ way off, currently Debian runs 32-bit sparc
> stuff on a 64-bit kernel.  So Alpha patches don't help much there.
> The biggest issue on the 32-bit sparc is unaligned memory accesses.

Alpha also suffers from unaligned accesses on 32-bit entities(*), so
perhaps the unaligned accesses to see are also addressed (pun not
intended) by the alpha patches?

(*) on alpha, you can access 8-bit entities at any 8-bit aligned address
    (i.e. any byte anywhere). 16-bit entities need to be aligned on even
    addresses, 32-bit entities on (addr % 4 == 0) addresses, and 64-bit
    addresses must be aligned on (addr % 8 == 0) addresses.
    I'm guessing the same holds true for sparc(64).

Paul Slootman
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