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Gnome-apt debs now available

<plug level=blatant>

Who says package management can't be Sexy?
Be the first one on your block to try Gnome-apt, the new
GUI front end for the Debian package tool.

It slices... it dices... it makes fresh pasta...
and it has a groovy search function!


debs for gnome-apt are now available at

Gnome-apt is a gnomeified front-end for apt, written by
Havoc Pennington.  You can read more about gnome-apt at
Havoc's page http://www.debian.org/~hp/gnome-apt.html

Gnome-apt requires the latest cvs build of apt_0.3.0, which
you can also find at the above site.  All other dependencies
should be available at your local Debian mirror.

You can fetch both gnome-apt and the required cvs version of
apt by adding the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://www.debian.org/~mblevin/gnome-apt ./

Please do _not_ send bug reports to the BTS.  Send bugs directly
to Havoc <hp@debian.org> and copy any packaging bugs to me

Patches and suggestions from gtk/gnome coders are appreciated.

gnome-apt is ALPHA software, and manipulates the package database
for your system.  Please do not use unless you are willing to get
your hands dirty or take risks.


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