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Re: Hardcore baby!!! Yeah!!!!

On Thu, 28 January 1999 11:33:46 -0800, Oscar Levi wrote:
> > [ pathetic attempt at sex spam snipped ]
> > Can we PLEASE enforce our spam policy and make these people pay for their
> > crimes against humanity?
> There is something missing from the header.  I'd guess that qmail is
> supressing it.  Usually, we can see the name (IP) of the sending host
> in the headers.

It is being cut from the mails before being sent out.
It is on murphy "somewhere" and I simply lack the time
to even read the debian lists at all right now (I am
down to ~ 3k mails unread from about 9k yesterday).

This will change in the near future (moving is no fun).

1/3 of spam@debian.org

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