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packages to give away

Hello fellow developers!

I have the following two packages to give away:

netris - A free, networked version of T*tris
two outstanding bugs, one about missing manpages, the other about a 
problem with the sample robot... there hasn't been an upstream version for
years. It should probably be recompiled with ncurses4, so if you want to
take it over, just upload a new version, and drop me a note :)

hugs - A Haskell interpreter
no outstanding bugs, there should be a new upstream version coming alog
with a dfsg free licence, so it should be moved to main then

The reason for giving them away: I don't use them. 
Both are small packages, easy to maintain, the hugs source package builds
a separate hugs-doc binary.

If noone steps forward I'll continue maintaining them. 

Madarasz Gergely           gorgo@caesar.elte.hu         gorgo@linux.rulez.org
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