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Re: Uploaded util-linux 2.9g-6 (source i386) to master

> > Ok, so if we really want a Debian 2.1 that is 100% kernel 2.2.x
> > compatible it needs this package to be included in frozen.
> > I've just uploaded it in Incoming/ 10 minutes ago.
> > Non-developers can also access it at http://www.ldsol.com/~vincent/
> > (NB: there are _2_ binary packages to install: util-linux and mount.)
> We also need working DHCP and BOOTP support in Slink otherwise those
> people cannot use 2.2 kernels - potatos DHCP package has support for 2.2
> (and 2.0) but I don't know about bootp.

We do not officially support the 2.2 kernel in Slink.  People who want to
use 2.2 will have to compile it themselves and may have to upgrade some

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