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Re: kernel 2.2.0, portmap, ipx and so on

> I can very well understand them.  First of all some Linux distributors have
> been creative in the past and have moved rc[0-6].d/ and init.d/ to
> interesting places like /sbin/ or /etc/rc.d/, probably just to be
> ``different'' from a real System V.  Just one of the small but annoying
> differences between various UNIX flavours.

Agreed. All the Linux distributors should get together to choose one
directory for those rc scripts. I really don't care too much it is
exactly the same as Solaris. But I prefer something under /etc. RedHat
uses /etc/rc.d and Debian uses /etc. /etc/rc.d makes things easier to

BTW, it would nice to standardize on package names and the numbers
accociated with each packages too.

> I actually don't like the pile of symlinks that a SysV Init usually has
> quite messy; a text file for the configuration or maybe one per package to
> make things easier for package managers would have easier to manipulate.

Symlinks may be a little messy. But it does provide support for run level
very nicely. A single text file or one per package is very bad. Since there
may be dependencies among packages, we have to start them in certain
order and new packages may be installed at any time. Symlinks works quite
well here. It is very convenient for packages with rc scripts. I really
appreciate that feature while working on knfsd.

H.J. Lu (hjl@gnu.org)
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