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Intent to package gnome-xml, RealTimeBattle, Pike, PiGTK

gnome-xml is an xml-library needed for the new version of Dia. As far as i
know gnome-xml can only be found in the gnome-cvs.

RealTimeBattle is a programming game similar to CRobots. 

Pike 0.6.110. This a object-oriented script language used by the web server
Roxen. There already is roxen-pike package, but this contains an older
version of pike needed by Roxen. In the future (according to the new
maintainer of Roxen) the roxen-pike package will be merged with the Roxen
package. The pike0.6 package will conflict with roxen-pike until this is
fixed. Tommi Leino <namhas@netmill.fi> has made a pike0.6 but haven't been
able to upload it. He has allowed me to take over the package.

PiGTK, GTK+ module for Pike.

Fredrik Hallenberg                             hallon@lysator.liu.se
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~hallon              freha678@student.liu.se

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