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Proposal: increasing mirror security

After seeing some trojan horses being spread and Martin trying to make
sure xisp can be verified as secure on the debian-user list, I started
thinking of how to secure our mirrors.  The thought I had was to make pgp
signatures of the package files and save them as Packages.pgp.  This will
not interfear with the current package files, therefore we are still
backwards compatable.  Then apt could check for a pgp file and verify it
for the user.  If it fails, it could just warn the user and ask to
continue.  This would require: a) gnu's version of pgp to work (so that we
don't request non-free software to get the free software) and the bad part
b) someone to be at the console when generating packages files to type
the pgp password.  Note that a trojan horse can only be added by a trusted
user (i.e. the package maintainer or an ftp site maintainer) unless the
upstream source compromised.


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