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Re: DFSG v2 Draft #5

A few minor nits (many stylistic):

On Jan 24, Darren Benham wrote:
>      This document, in it's source form, exists in DebianDoc

should be its (the possessive of it) not it's (short for "it is")

> 2.1. Use 
> ---------
>      Anyone must be able to use the software in any way without paying a
>      fee or royalty or performing special actions.

"performing special actions" seems a bit vague.  How about "... a fee
or royalty.  In addition, it must not obligate users to perform any
additional actions (such as advertising their use of the software)."

>      The license must remain valid until the licensee terminates it or
>      violates the terms of the license

Needs a period (full stop) at the end of the line.

> 3.3. License of Derived Works 
> ------------------------------
>      The license can require modified and derived software be distributed
>      under the same license or the general requirement "any compatible
>      license."

I'd recommend using 'general requirement of "any compatible license."'

>      The license may also require the license of modified and derived
>      software be restricted to the same license or to any license that
>      meets these software has the choice of license as long as they meet
>      these guidelines.

I think your sentence got mangled here. "...the same license or to any
license that meets these guidelines."

>      The license my not impose restrictions on third-party software that
>      merely resides on the same system or distribution as the licensed
>      software.

distribution -> medium

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