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fvwm{,2,-common} packages up for adoption


I am (in theory) still maintaining the following packages:


In practice, I haven't uploaded new versions of these for many months.

Both xcal and xloadimage have few outstanding bugs.  fvwm2 has many
outstanding bugs, some of which are in reality either feature requests
or disagreements with particular configuration details.

With the recent move of fvwm2 development into CVS, the release rate
has increased greatly (however, it's also likely the stability has
decreased somewhat).  This is one of the reasons I haven't made any
2.1.x releases of fvwm2.  But its mainly due to lack of time.

Therefore, I'd like to give away my fvwm packages, ie fvwm, fvwm2 and
fvwm-common.  I'm happy keeping xloadimage and xcal, but I think it
would be much better to have someone else look after the fvwm stuff.

Volunteers should mail me (austin@greenend.org.uk), and we can
organise an orderly handover.

Oh, and it would help greatly if the crap on debian-private were to be
kept to the minimum - political rants can happen quite happily in the
pubic for all to see.

PS: I am not subscribed to this list

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