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Re: Reality check!

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> installation easier requires hard work. If it would be easy, it would have
> been long done. The trick is to keep flexibility (and don't tell me SuSE is
> flexibel). Doing it easy for the newbie and configurable for the experienced
> user requires a well though out configuration and administration system. At
> least for multi-installation this is currently developed on the
> debian-admintool list.

	I suspect that it is impossible to get the best of both worlds
in a single solution. You would probably end up with the worst of both.
Perhaps it would be good to consider two (2) different installations
One the same/similar to what we have - and another that caters to newbies
ie. one that is easy/basic and satisfies the pedagogocal requirments of the 
new user. If debian were able to have both the advanced capability that
it has now AND a simple basic install for novices and teaching purposes
it would stand out amongst all other dists. Would it not?  Like who else
has thought about the REAL requirements of the newbie? I mean as a future
technical user? 


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