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Re: Debian logo & its license

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, Chris Waters wrote:

>Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> I propose that we vote on accepting both the logo and the current
>> license.
>I very much dislike the current license.  I'm a debian developer, I'd
>like to put the debian logo on my home page, but I do *not* necessarily
>want to devote half or more of my home page to debian.  I'd rather have
>pointers to the debian web site, and let debian speak for itself. 
>Current (expired) license forbids this.
>I've previously raised issues about using the logo inside of packages
>too -- this one may be addressed by the current license, but it's
>certainly not clear.
>The logo should be a logo, it should be used to refer to or to advertise
>debian.  It should *mean* debian.  The current license isn't even
>*close* to filling this goal, imo.


>Debian is a free project to distribute a free OS.  It should have a free
>logo.  FREE THE LOGO!!  FREE THE LOGO!!  :-)

well then, that's all the more reason to have a vote, imho. i personally
dislike the logo and agree with you about the license. since there are
enough people raising concerns about the logo, i think a vote is

what do you think?


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