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Debian-sci-fi :-> (seriously off topic)

On Sat, Jan 23, 1999 at 12:48:47PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:

> Pournelle's even worse. in partnership with Niven he writes some great
> stories. take the politics with a large grain of salt, though.  Must
> admit I like the "Think of it as evolution in action" phrase, though i
> use it in contexts quite contrary to their usage :-)

Yeah.. I really like the stories (although the 'rock falls on planet'
theme seems to show up in an inordinate number of their stories, in
some form or another).  I can't really stomach some of Pournelle's
compilation books ('there will be war' or something) because of the
heavy political emphasis (and also that dweeb who rewrites greek myths
in sci-fi terms - I hate that).  Anyone want to recommend other good
authors to someone who really likes the Pournelle/Niven stories?  I
like some David Drake (even though he is even more gory and political,
in some ways, than Pournelle)...  Some of Frederick Pohl's work is ok,

I think the thing I really like is that the stories are a bit more
plausible, if you will, instead of some namby-pamby fate of the
universe/origins of god and everything/touchy-feely woo woo crud;-)

> i better stop now before debian-devel detours into an sf crit list
> for a while.

Better than, to quote you, the 'legal bullshit' :->

Heh, that was fun...

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