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Re: Debian goes big business?

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

   On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 06:12:14PM -0500, Ben Pfaff wrote:
   > They should have `a word to say', and they do--they can subscribe to
   > Debian lists and give their feedback and advice, which developers are
   > free to follow or ignore.  But they do not, and should not, IMO, have
   > the privilege of voting or otherwise setting policy.  Users are not
   > developers and shouldn't presume to be.

   i mostly agree but wouldn't put it anywhere near that strongly.

   users are not developers, but they might be one day. one of the good
   things about debian is that users who are willing to put in some work
   CAN join up as developers.

I guess that that's the corollary to what I'm saying.  If users want
to have a stronger in say in whether their advice is followed, they
should be become developers.  It's not that hard, and doesn't take
that long.
"...In the UNIX world, people tend to interpret `non-technical user'
 as meaning someone who's only ever written one device driver."
--Daniel Pead

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