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slink's chameleon 1.0-2 depends on libgtk1.1.12, which is not in slink

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

    Dale> Since the recent discussion with Richard Stallman about the
    Dale> unsatisfied suggests message, I have undertaken the
    Dale> examination of the main archives.
    Dale> The script that I am working on unpacks all of the .deb
    Dale> files it finds and collects Package:, Provides:,
    Dale> Pre-Depends:, Depends:, Recommends:, and Suggests: field
    Dale> information and deterines several things.

    Jason> You do realize that is why we have a 'Packages' file?

    Jason> In any event your script is not handling virtual pacakges,
    Jason> ppp is a virtual package.

    Jason> Here is a list of all unmet deps in main:

    Jason> Package chameleon version 1.0-2 has an unmet dep: Depends:
    Jason> libglib1.1.12 (>= 1.1.12-1) Depends: libgtk1.1.12 (>=
    Jason> 1.1.12-1)

    Jason> (Ehm? This one is new, someone should fix it)

Ugh. chameleon 1.0-2 must either be removed from the archive or
recompiled against the libglib1.1/libgtk1.1 (note the lack of a .blah)
-dev packages in slink.


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