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I'm a concerned about slink. specifically jdk1.1, idraw, and xaw-wrappers

I'm not trying to be too negative or anything, but I've been having kind of 
a bad day with Slink and I'm wondering if I'm the only one?  Today I've
been trying to draw some stuff, and here's the path I've gone down.

I tried to use TogetherJ, written in Java.  But jdk1.1 is completely hosed
and the jvm won't even run, so I abandoned that fairly quickly.  There's a
bug report about it but no indication if it's being worked on or not.  No
new package on master or anything.

Then I tried to use idraw, which I've used in the past a _bunch_ of times.
It keeps segmentation faulting on me, and so I went to look at
bugs.debian.org and the bug report about this is over 100 days old.

So, then I tried to use xfig.  It kept crashing immediately.  So I again
went to bugs.debian.org and it has a bug (only 7 days old this time)
explaining the problem (I _was_ using nextaw) and how to work around
it. For the life of me, xaw-wrappers won't work.  Even for stuff I didn't
set up.  For instance, if I run "xkeycaps" (which uses xaw-wrappers on its
own) with XAW_WRAPPERS_DEBUG set to 1, I get:

~> xkeycaps
libc version: 6
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /usr/X11R6/lib/neXtaw:/usr/local/lib:/usr/X11R6/lib:/usr/lib/jdk1.1/lib/i586/green_threads

But, from the configuration, it looks to me like it's not _supposed_ to use
neXtaw, am I right?  With it first in LD_LIBRARY_PATH it's going to, and if
I have nextaw installed, indeed it crashes on me.

What's up with this stuff?  Are we really about to release a system that is 
this unstable?  I've been using Debian since 0.93 or something like that
and I've not ever had this many problems.  I realize we're all volunteers
and all of that, so if the answer is that it's just not ready, let's not
pretend we're about to release.

Also, should I increase the severity of the bugs filed against these
packages?  Normally I wouldn't as it seems kind of rude to me, but I
_don't_ think they should ship as is.

Thanks for any input.
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