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Re: getting kernel 2.2 into slink

On Thu, Jan 21, 1999 at 12:34:57PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> Would anyone object if kernel 2.2 were packaged up at least as a
> kernel-source package for slink? 2.0.3x would remain slink's default kernel,

I'de really like to see a kernel-image too, atleast for the non-i386 ports
to use. The 2.2 kernels work much better for them than the 2.0.3x kernels,
and requires less (usually none) patching to get them to compile. For
example, the 2.0.35 sparc-kernel patch in slink right now is 2.8 megs
(compressed). I've been able to compile straight from the pristine source
for 2.1.128 to 2.1.132 (one small header fix in 132). I'm going to try the
2.2.0pre9 and see if I get the same results.

Also, for sun4c's 2.0 kernels (even patched ones) just will not do. This
is due to a "slow down" bug in that architecture. However, 2.1/2.2 do not
exibit this behavior. This is especially noticable when doing mke2fs,
which for a 2 gig drive took 40 minutes with 2.0.35 and only 10 minutes
with 2.1.129.


Sparc IPC: 2.1.131, 46 days up (only shutdown once since install)
NASA Irc Server

Sparc LX: 2.1.130, 52 days up (died once from power failure in building)
Logging server for 50+ machines

Sparc LX: 2.1.130, 18 days up (developement and test machine)
I run the dog shit out of this one, 300 megs of cvs repositories, light
httpd use, heavy LDAP use with 200 megs of indexes. It only get's rebooted
for testing, the shutdowns aren't related to the kernel.

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