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Re: libpam, cracklib, and slink (was Re: Release-critical...)

Ok, after looking at this, I've decided that the cracklib support for
PAM would be best handled by having it in a seperate package. I want to
propose a naming scheme for module packages for PAM similar to how
apache modules are named, libpam-mod-foo, where foo is the module name.
Using this scheme the cracklib PAM module package will be named
libpam-mod-cracklib, and this package will contain the Depends for

This scheme will also allow me to include other modules so we can get
PAM enabled in the best way possible for potato. I've also upgraded the
source I have to 0.66, which will be in my first upload pending
comments concerning this proposed naming scheme (i hope no one has any
objections :)

NOTE: This naming scheme will reuire the ppp-pam package to be renamed,
any problems with this?

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