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Re: Where does 'www-data' come from?

In article <199901192151.QAA29977@netgod.net> you write:
>"Bart" == Bart Schuller <schuller@lunatech.com> writes:
>Bart> Is www-data the uid of the web server process or is it the owner
>Bart> of the served files?
>Hm, good point.  At the moment its both -- /var/www is installed as
>www-data.www-data, but other packages like MRTG make subdirs owned by
>root.  And CGI is off in /usr/lib/cgi-bin, root.root per Policy.
>Might be a good idea to change the default ownerships.

Maybe the web files should be owned by "www-data" and the web
process should be owned by "www" or "httpd"? This way the
descriptive names continue to make sense. Practical
speaking, it is probably just as good to make web files
owned by root, however, then the name "www-data" won't
be the owner of any data.

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