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Re: LSB?

On Jan 18, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> It contains many interesting things that I know we disagree with. Someone
> should look at it perhaps?

Among the interesting things:

> The closing date for comments is January 11th 1999.

Nice that it was announced today then :-)

> Reference 3.4-2(A)
> The implementation provides the file /etc/adjtime
> Result: PASS/FAIL

This is an Intel-ism.  adjtimex does not exist for several non-X86

> Reference 3.8-1(A)
> The /opt directory exists and is searchable
> Result: PASS/FAIL

Um, why?  We already have /usr/local...

> Reference 3.10-2(A)
> The implementation provides an exec-able version of the clock
> utility in the /sbin directory.
> Result: PASS/FAIL

hwclock should be an allowable alternative.  hwclock also supports
GNU-style options better than clock.

> Reference 3.10-11(A)
> The implementation provides an exec-able version of the fdisk
> utility in the /sbin directory.
> Result: PASS/FAIL

This only makes sense where MS-DOS partitioning is the rule.  Perhaps
fdisk should be a symbolic link to the appropriate partitioning
software (mac-fdisk, msdos-fdisk, amiga-fdisk, etc.) for the

> Reference 3.10-14(A)
> For each file system type fstype supported by the system:
                The /sbin directory contains the commands fsck.fstype
                and mkfs.fstype.
> Result: PASS/FAIL
> Notes typically fstype = ext, ext2, minix, msdos, xia and others
> unspecified

Are they mentally ill?  Let's try "mkfs.nfs" on for size...

Nice to see the Open Group and X/Open are going to send us chasing our
tails trying to get this stuff together (so we can call our Linux
implementations "Linux" :-p) instead of pursuing Unix branding.

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