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Debian booth at LinuxTag '99?

What's this LinuxTag thing?

  The largest German Linux user show. In fact, it is probably the
  largest Linux event in Europe. (If there is a larger one, we haven't
  heard of it.) Last year there were an estimated 1500 visitors.

When and where?

  June 26/27, 1999. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Why is this idiot spamming the debian-devel list?

  Because we, the organizers of LinuxTag '99, would like to invite the
  Debian project to set up a booth at this year's event. Several major
  Linux distributions will be there: SuSE, DLD, representatives for Red
  Hat, etc. Last year quite a few visitors expressed their disap-
  pointment about Debian's absence.

What will it cost?

  LinuxTag is a non-profit event. There will be no charge for non-profit
  exhibitors such as Debian or KDE. Yes, the KDE crew will appear in
  strength and have a booth just like last year. You will have to pay
  your travel and hotel expenses yourselves, though.

Who'll be there?

  LinuxTag is geared towards users. Students. Private folk. Small
  companies. People who actually want to get work done with a computer,
  many of whom have never seen a Linux box before. It's not a
  developer's event. Nevertheless, if last year's turnout is any
  indication, most well-known names of the German Linux scene will show
  up. I already mentioned KDE and the various commercial distributions.
  The Trolls will come down all the way from Norway. We would dearly
  love to have official Debian participation. Please drop me a note.

Can I give a talk/submit a paper?

  Alas, all talks and accompanying papers will have to be in German.
  Actually, something on Debian (how to become a Debian developer, how
  to build a Debian package) would be very welcome. If you are
  interested and managed to miss our earlier CfPs, contact me ASAP.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                  naddy@mips.rhein-neckar.de
  See another pointless homepage at <URL:http://home.pages.de/~naddy/>.

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