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Re: Intent to package wmx

Mark Ng <ng@debian.org> writes:

> wmx is another window manager for X.  It is based on wm2 and provides
> a similarly unusual style of window decoration; but in place of wm2's
> minimal functionality, it offers many of the features of more
> conventional managers in the most simplistic implementations
> imaginable.  wmx is, however, still barely configurable except by
> editing the source and recompiling the code.
> the license is DSFG compliant.

I posted an intent to package wmx (wmx-4 to be more precise) on 25 Dec 1998
(For one reason or the other, it hasn't made it to the wnpp yet)
I have the package ready, but without debian menus implemented, which is
why I haven't uploaded it yet. If you want to take over it, I can provide
you what I've done to it so far.

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