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removing intend to package

A while ago I wrote my intend to package xnet. Unfortunately the code does
not carry a license and my mails to the upstrean author went unanswered.
Since I'm carrying a much higher workload now I remove this intend. I will
not package this tool. In fact I already have the package ready except for
the licensing issue. So if anyone's interested in taking over, send me a

>From the README:
Xnet is a graphical application to control the main operations of a
PPP networked Linux box: establishing or interrupting the PPP link and
displaying whether the user mail spool is empty or not. When a PPP
link is active, the time elapsed since the beginning of the
communication is displayed, as well as the IP address of the host on
the PPP interface. Xnet also displays the rx and tx rates (in
bytes/second) of the data through the PPP interface.

It assumes that the systems already have shell commands that
establish/shut down a PPP connection.

Xnet consists in six graphical elements:

* Mail indicator: displays whether new mail has come or not
* Start PPP button: activates the PPP communication
* Stop PPP button: stops the PPP communication
* Communication indicator: displays the time elapsed since the
  beginning of the PPP communication, or "Not connected" if no
  connection is established
* Internet address indicator: displays the internet address of 
  the host for the PPP interface. 
* Rx/Tx rate indicator: displays the bytes/second of data transferred
  through the PPP interface.

Xnet is a GTK-based application. GTK is the Gimp/General ToolKit,
which is the graphical user interface toolkit used for the
GIMP. Please refer to www.gimp.org and www.gimp.org/gtk for further
information about GTK. Xnet requires GTK version 1.0.0.

Optionally, Xnet can also be Gnomified, that is, taking profit of some
Gnome functionalities (mainly, configuration files management in the
$HOME/.gnome subdirectory). It has been tested with Gnome 0.13.


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