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Re: Source Dependencies, a real solution

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Ben Collins wrote:

> This is a full blown implementation (not to be confused with a hack).
> It enables dpkg-source to recognize _versioned_ dependencies using the
> same syntax as regular dependencies. It does this in the course of
> 'dpkg-source -x'. I have also added a -d option for doing nothing but
> checking the dependencies in the .dsc file (does not extract the
> source). Using the -d option only requires the .dsc (source and diff
> are not required).

Hi Ben,
   It's good to see work being done on this.  Have you taken into account
where Lars mentioned that we needed two different types of source depends?
I guess looking for *sources* themselves is more difficult than seeing if
a needed binary package is installed.


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