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Re: Unmet Deps revisted

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Now there is another list, a list of unmet recommends and suggests, these
> should probably be fixed as well so as to prevent dselect from
> complaining:

Especially Recommends are evil.

> Package seyon version 2.14c-10 has an unmet dep:
>  Suggests: kermit

Seyon suggests kermit?  (called ckermit nowadays)

> Package roxen version 1.2beta2-2 has an unmet dep:
>  Suggests: web-browser
> Package stl-manual version 3.11-3 has an unmet dep:
>  Suggests: web-browser

Err, isn't web-browser a valid virtual package?

Since most of these packages only need repackaging I believe that
they are candidates for the next bug squashing party.



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