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Re: sanity check in init.d

On 11-Jan-99, 16:11 (CST), Martin Bialasinski <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> wrote: 
> Maybe it should do a 
> || echo "Not $1 ing $DAEMON. There are just the conffiles left." &&
> exit 
> or such. I have to think about it.
> After all, why should it not give the reason it doesn't fulfil the
> duty it should (when the init.d script is called).

Because it didn't fail? Because the init script has no duty for state
you are discussion? If you removed (but did not purge) a demon, why
would you expect it to start? If you don't expect it to start, why is
the fact that it didn't start require an error message?

Daemons *should* (I think) log their startup (or failure to do so) in
/var/log/daemon.log (or whereever daemon.* is configured to log). That's
where you should look for daemon startup messages. Logging it to the
screen is pretty useless. Logging *incorrect* failure messages is worse
than useless.


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