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Re: FWD: RMS and Debian on his Toshiba

On Fri, Jan 08, 1999 at 03:59:17PM +0000, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> > Laptops I've installed with M$ software were worse.  Most of the
> > pcmcia drivers pre-installed were out of date and did not support the
> > cards shipped with the machines without installing drivers.  I have
> > never had a pcmcia system work "out of the box" well enough that I
> > would call it a novice machine for support. 
> > 
> Don't know what laptops you use, but this is trival on a Toshiba,
> I have personally done it on over a dozen machines. However this is
> the most stupid argument I have ever heard, what you are saying is
> that because Microsoft is worse, the poor state of affairs in Debian
> is justified. That's the way to go then.

Can someone tell me what the problem is exactly?
I installed hamm using the Tecra disks, from CD-ROM, on my 310CDS.
I installed the pcmcia modules too. It works fine. Whenever I recompile
the kernel with make-kpkg I rebuild the pcmcia modules too. Easy.

Presumably the problem is in network installations?

> As much as it pains me I think that I will have to but warnings on my
> web pages not to use Debian on Toshiba laptops. This we don't care
> that Debian does not work on one sixth of new machines atitude and
> besides it's Toshiba's fault for daring to include new techologies
> in laptops they stoped manufacturing months ago, and which have
> been supported by Linux for even longer attidude is plainly rediculas.

Perhaps we could all be a bit more constructive about this ...

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