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Re: PROPOSAL: dpkg-logger and related

Ben Collins wrote:
> I fail to see how package info is more important that security logging. If 
> it's good enough to rely on syslog for security related info, the package 
> info should also be safe with it.

I never said anything about security logging. The "emerg" priority is used
for security logging, and is wall'd directly to console (I know from
experience; people keep tying to break into my box via an old nfs buffer
exploit, and syslog writes me about it). Syslogd is not typically used for
security logging, but for random things like kernel messages, mail logs,

> > Also, during a normal upgrade that includes sysklogd, syslog may not be
> > running while several other package's postint's are run. In such a case, any
> > messages would be lost.
> The only package this affects is sysklogd. The maintainer would have to
> refrain from using output messages between the 'sysklogd stop' and
> 'sysklogd start' phases.

It's quite possible that dpkg will upgrade a ton of packages including
syslogd. Syslogd will be turned off, the other packages upgraded, messages
lost, then syslogd eventually turned back on.

see shy jo

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