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Re: sysvinit: rc vs. r2d2 bahavior

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> wrote:

> Okay, I just typed this up to show and explain what sysvinit does
> right now. I think it is accurate. Note that this is NOT what should
> be in the policy document, I do not claim this is the right way to
> do things, it's simply a description of the current system.

> 		Order of scripts run in /etc/rc?.d
> 		==================================

Wow, really great! This is exactly what was missing. Reading the
source only explained _how_ it works but this explains _why_ it works
this way. With this mail as /usr/doc/sysvinit/README.debian I can
accept that rc implements the policy :-)

Another question about runlevels: Is there any chance to preserve
locally preserved changes? For example I changed the links (in
reality I use runlevel.conf instead but this doesn't matter) to
isdnutils, to start this only in runlevel 3 and 4 and stop it in 2 and 
5. Every upgrade of the isdnutils package runs
"update-rc.d isdnutils defaults" again and undoes my changes.

In the policy I don't found anything about preserving runlevel
settings, but shouldn't we add some kind of concept like the one for
config files here, to preserve changing in upgrades?



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