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New upstream autoconf (was Re: config.{sub,guess} proposal)

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 18:13:53 -0800, Jim Pick wrote:
> While doing the ARM port, we've run into the situation where the
> config.guess and config.sub files that ship with many source packages are
> really old, and do not support the latest architecture string.

> I did some research, and it turns out that master copy of these files
> are being kept in CVS as part of autoconf:

Autoconf 2.13 has been released today (DejaNews refuses to give me a
permanent URL for the announcement, so you'll have to feed
<Pine.LNX.3.95.990106102027.22877E-100000@moshpit.cygnus.com> to
http://www.dejanews.com/forms/mid.shtml for it); it's NEWS includes:
:* Merge of the FSF version of config.guess and config.sub to modernise
:  these scripts. Add support for a few new hosts in config.guess.

and it's config.guess has
          armlinux)   echo "${UNAME_MACHINE}-unknown-linux-gnuaout" ; exit 0 ;;

Is that what Debian/ARM needs?

> The autoconf-common package could then be independently updated as needed
> from the files in the CVS.

I guess the new autoconf means there's no need to resort to the CVS version
for now.

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