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Re: RFC: Making apt crash safe when testing unstable...

Lars Steinke <steinke@hpcip00.physik.uni-freiburg.de> writes:
>+ Secondly we need a crash-proof upgrading process. For instance we
>  would need a dpkg option 'Install with crash recovery' which
>  repacks a package to be upgraded and stores it for automatic
>  downgrading to a working state if the upgrade causes severe
>  trouble... This would be a rather lengthy process for large
>  upgrades when the number of packages is large and also takes up
>  substantial space but I can't think of a better approach at the
>  moment. Much too often my systems were really screwed up after
>  upgrading, as the working .deb's of lower version number
>  disappeared from all mirrors out there.

I have had this problem too.

>I seem to remember repacking is already implemented so perhaps we
>should just write a HOWTO on safely using the unstable distribution
>for Dev Corner.

We have:
Package: dpkg-repack
Description: puts an unpacked .deb file back together

We need a way to generate a list of packages about to be replaced.
Can apt do this?

		- Jim Van Zandt

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