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Re: DFSGv2 -- another approach

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 08:53:02PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> I'd envisage a rationale document explaining what effect including
> particular restrictions in your license might have: in particular which
> things make the work GPL-incompatible, which things make distribution
> painful, which things make reusing code in other projects difficult or
> impossible, and so on.

I like this idea (as well as most of the preceding DFSG proposal). It
could serve to show authors what they can gain (and what the users of
their software can gain) from using a license that is compatible with

It should also point out things in licenses that help to protect
their investment in coding the software (clauses in the GPL for
example). Like the fact that if they apply a GPL license no one can
distribute their software without applying the same license so that
source code still remains available, even to changes in the original
source. It should remove some of the fears that alot of authors have
of making their license less strict.

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