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Skip Slink - Not a good idea.

I've just read the latest bug report - then deleted it by mistake.

Some of the bugs on dpkg are for the bo-hamm update.  If we fix the 
bo - slink update by providing apt or another method - these go.

Bugs on the layout of the non-US ftp site - unfixable by most of
us and _could_ be downgraded to wishlist AFAICS.

Both the boot floppies bugs are fixed by boot disks 2.1.4 dated

If you can't build a package from source - pull it for the release
or move it to - updates = no source, fix soon - directory.  Once we've 
released a working slink, we can release a minor update within a week.
Include the "fixes and updates" directory in the apt sources.list

I'm not necessarily OK to fix by NMU's but the stuff depending on
obsolete versions e.g. geda - do as above and put it in an updates 

Look hard at the bugs and we could get this down to 20 or less -
IIRC hamm released with about this number of bugs - offending packages
were just pulled.

Just my 2 pence (0.2857 Euro / 0.0332 USD)


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