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Re: dpkg-logger

>> "MS" == Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

MS> I don't think that attemts re/directing output from certain
MS> scripts to log files is the proper way.  Instead the correct
MS> place to enable/disable/direct/redirect logging is dpkg.  Dpkg
MS> should be aware of logging and input/output redirection.

Hmm, this would make it even easier. No need to change the *inst
files, dpkg could log its actions like "installing foo ... finished",
"installing bar ... problem, leaving unconfigured" independent from
the *inst scripts.

Dpkg could redirect stdout/stderr to deb-log, and this program would
handle the output the way the user wants it to do.

Although we would only have two different message types: Infos
(STDOUT) and Warnings (STDERR).

The advantage is, that the *inst scripts don't have to be changed and
that the packages thous don't have to predepend on a dpkg/deb-log



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