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Free/non-free/contrib and suggests etc.

Hello all,

Can we do the following:

Release slink as "official" binary images on CD containing _only_ main

Add a big banner on the welcome screen telling everyone that this
is the free software distribution Debian which is 100% DFSG compliant.

"Contributed packages are available which may provide additional
functionality.  These are either non-free or contributed packages
which depend on non-free components.  These are provided as a 
courtesy to users wishing to use these within the Debian packaging system
and are supported by Debian maintainers who have undertaken to do so.

They do _not_ form part of the official distribution.  They are
available from the following sites or may be available on CD's
from your Debian vendor"

SCO do something analogous with their Skunkware 98 CD's - they're
not supported at all.  Ironically, these are the CD's which contain
all the useful FSF stuff !

Then press contrib. CD's as appropriate and leave the non-free
stuff on FTP sites.

Does this help ??


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