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Re: sysvinit: rc vs. r2d2 bahavior

In article <cistron.19990101012003.7214.qmail@frantica.lly.org>,
Robert Woodcock  <rcw@debian.org> wrote:
>There were SXXxxxx scripts in runlevels 0 and 6 that looked at $1? What
>are these SXXxxx scripts doing (I can't see why they'd be in any extraneous
>package), and why hasn't anyone filed bugs against them?

Well most scripts look at $1. For example, "urandom" (needs to know
whether to load or save state) and "mdutils". Both can be called from
/etc/rcS.d as well as /etc/rc6.d/Sxxx

In fact you might say that /etc/rc6.d/Sxxx is the complement of /etc/rcS.d

>The entire runlevel thing should be completely arbitrary, there should
>be nothing special about runlevels 0 or 6 (Debian defaults aside).
>Let's fix the packages instead of breaking the arbitration.

Well we need to do both if everyone is so upset about this (though
I still can't quite see why). But not in slink. In potato, perhaps.

Indifference will certainly be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?

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