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Re: A bit offtopic, sorry...

On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 12:32:30PM +0100, Tibor Koleszar wrote:
> Sorry for the offtopic, but I dont want to subscribe themaillist of www
> developers.
> I want to be a hungarian debian mirror with a daily refresh I've written an
> email to the webmaster @ www.debian.org but still no answer (i wrote that
> letter more then a month ago). So any idea?
If you haven't read http://www.debian.org/mirror/ then do so. Would you
still be interested in being a web mirror if the other mirror in Hungary
is fixed? I don't believe the problem is their fault. They may be mirroring
from debian.crosslink.net which is WAY behind in mirroring. One of my
New Years resolutions is to work on a more robust mirroring hierarchy.

Jay Treacy

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