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XFree86 available, and help wanted

There is another test build of the XFree86 packages available.  The .dsc
and .changes files are not PGP signed.  These are not official debian
packages; they are simply used to make sure I have not introduced something
hideous into the X packages.

*) http://master.debian.org/~branden/xfree86/

*) Apt users, see the APT file at the URL above

*) This test build addresses at least 34 distinct bugs in the Debian BTS.

*) The sooner I can close the book on slink X, the sooner I can get 3.3.3

*) 3.3.3 is not in slink because it is too new, and the security
vulnerabilities it addresses are relative 3.3.2, not the subsequent patches
that XFree86 released (up to, which is what we're using)

*) Most people want 3.3.3 because the new SVGA server supports their
graphics hardware.  Such folks should download the server binary from
ftp.xfree86.org, unpack the .tar.gz, put the XF86_SVGA file in
/usr/local/bin, edit /etc/X11/Xserver appropriately, and go about their

There are a few things remaining to be accomplished with X before I declare
it done, and move on to 3.3.3, and I need help on a few of these:

1) xf86config.c needs to be modified to edit /etc/X11/Xserver, writing the
name of the selected X server to it

2) the XF86Setup tcl scripts need to be similarly modified

3) I have the Euro patches that were submitted to freshmeat, but am unclear
on *exactly* what needs to be done to include this support; for instance,
there appear to be xmodmap files for the new charatcer set (ISO 8859-15),
but no XKB support?  I'd appreciate input from the European X users on
this.  Also, I'm not familar with "Latin-0" and this weird French stuff.  I
need enlightenment in that area as well.

Please reply to me or to debian-devel, I do not read debian-testing.

 xfree86 ( frozen unstable; urgency=low

   * Test release.  DO NOT use the Debian Bug Tracking system to report bugs
     in this release of XFree86; instead mail them directly to
   * programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/XF86Setup/filelist.tcl: removed entries for
     twm and xterm (Fixes: #29865)
   * programs/x11perf/x11pcomp.cpp: corrected typo (thanks, Andrea
     Arcangeli) (Fixes: #30629)
   * programs/xfs/os/daemon.c: fix declaration of pidFile
   * programs/xfs/os/osinit.c: don't create pid file in nodaemon mode
     (thanks, Topi Miettinen) (Fixes: #29530)
   * programs/xinit/startx.cpp: support display numbers up to :99 (thanks,
     Chris Dukes) (Fixes: #29797)
   * programs/xterm/charproc.c: applied patch from Daniel Martin to fix
     altscreen save/restore cursor behavior (Fixes: #29822)
   * programs/xterm/pytx.h: applied patch from Daniel Martin to fix altscreen
     save/restore cursor behavior
   * debian/control: let xbase-clients depend on libc6 | libc6.1 (Alpha arch
     issues) (Fixes: #29636)
   * debian/control: xdm recommends xfonts-base | xfs (Fixes: #29360)
   * debian/control: removed xf86setup's dependency on xterm, added
     dependency on xserver-common (it contains README files that XF86Setup
   * debian/control: xlib6g conflicts with xlib6g-dev (<=
     (Fixes: #29649)
   * debian/control: xlib6g replaces xlib6g-dev (<= (Fixes: #29819)
   * debian/control: xserver-common recommends xlib6g (>=
     (Fixes: #29166)
   * debian/create-arch-xext: use glob in dpkg-shlibdeps call because
     different modules are built for different architectures (Fixes: #29635)
   * debian/create-arch-xserver-common: provide all server specific README
     files in this package instead of in each server package
   * debian/create-server: make symlinks to appropriate server-specific
     README files in /usr/doc/xserver-common
   * debian/xbase/README.Debian: note that old xbase also split into xmh and
     xmodmap (Fixes: #29776)
   * debian/xbase/Xsession: only check for xmodmap files if xmodmap
     executable is present (Fixes: #30595)
   * debian/xbase/Xsession: if user startup file is not executable, execute
     it with sh
   * debian/xbase/Xsession: add support for ssh-agent (thanks, Wichert)
     (Fixes: #30101)
   * debian/xbase/Xsession: use run-parts style matching for files to xrdb
     merge (thanks, Marcelo) (Fixes: #29645)
   * debian/xbase/Xsession.5: document above change
   * debian/xbase/preinst: corrected typo (Fixes: #29798)
   * debian/xbase/register-window-manager: new version, 0.2.7
     -  Fixed bug: The word boundaries introduced a bug, now checking for
        whole line matching (#30186, Gorgo).  Cleaned up a bit of the
        source (using numeric values instead of strings in &ifexists).
   * debian/xbase/xsession-example: copy into doc dir as "xsession"
     (Fixes: #30765)
   * debian/xdm/Xresources: added bindings for left, right, home, and end
     keys for xdm login screen (thanks, Christian Hudon) (Fixes: #30310)
   * debian/xdm/Xresources: added binding for numeric keypad enter key
     (Fixes: #28839)
   * debian/xdm/Xresources_0: same as above two entries
   * debian/xdm/Xsetup_0: only one xconsole to a display (thanks, Miquel van
     Smoorenburg) (Fixes: #29916)
   * debian/xdm/init: patch Joseph Carter's patch (Fixes: #29659)
   * debian/xdm/init: make CHECK_LOCAL_XSERVER a string variable
     (Fixes: #29954)
   * debian/xdm/postinst: don't start xdm if it is already running
     (Fixes: #29870)
   * debian/xdm/postrm: remove stuff in /var/state/xdm on remove or purge
     (Fixes: #29684)
   * debian/xdm/prerm: fix check for numeric pid's (Fixes: #30028)
   * debian/xdm/xdm.options: add run-xconsole (Fixes: #29691)
   * debian/xdm/xdm.options.5: add historical note about /etc/X11/config
   * debian/xdm/xdm.options.5: corrected self-reference (Fixes: #29919)
   * debian/xdm/xdm.options.5: documented run-xconsole option
     (Fixes: #30547)
   * debian/xmodmap/Xmodmap: included comments to help out non-XKB users
     with the BackSpace and Delete keys
   * debian/xserver-common/preinst: reversed sense of check for
     /etc/X11/XF86Config.xserver-common-old (Fixes: #30720)
   * debian/xserver-common/parse-xf86config: new version,
     - Fixed bug: Clocks accepts now integer values (#30610, Fumitoshi
     - Now call consistency checks even when advices or warnings occured
       (but not in case of errors).
     - Mouse device can also be a FIFO, added a seperate existence check
       for the mouse device file on the way. (#30390, bonnaud)
     - Fixed regex for DefaultColorDepth and Depth. (#29643)
     - Added consistency checks for DefaultColorDepth and Depth values (I
       hope they work in all cases).
     - Added Device/ChipRev (only for mach cards?) (#29982).

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