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Test of new 2.1.4 boot floppies

An install from the 8 floppies (resc1440.2.1.4.bin, drv1440.2.1.4.bin and the
six base floppies base 14-1 through 14-6 dated 29 December) has just succeeded.

The only flaw: I have a Creative CR-563 (old type 2x drive attached to a 
SoundBlaster card).  The module installed perfectly but the postinst
creates a link - that seemingly failed with an obscure error message about
back tick quoting.

When I attempted to access the CD-ROM, the link under /dev from cdrom ->
sbpcd0 existed but none of the sbpcd* devices existed.

Fixed with "mknod b 25 0 sbpcd0" in /dev

Other than that, no showstoppers and worked first time.

There are a lot more devices now: many of these (paride under the disks
menu, iso-8059-* under the fs menu) have no explanation beside them.  
I don't know where this is configured, but it would be a nice finishing 
touch to fill in a couple more before release if this is easy.



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