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incompatible user configs (was Re: icewm, icewm-gnome segfaulting...)

Michael Meskes wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 28, 1998 at 01:38:57PM -0800, Steve Lamb wrote:

> >     It is the setup that I've used for the past few months flawlessly. 

> There were several changes to the config file in the latest version.

This is something that we need to address.  I've got a similar problem
with a program that I'm taking over (gxedit), where the user's config
files are not compatible with earlier versions.  When I asked on
-mentors, I was told that the only real solution is to get the upstream
version fixed so that it handles this sort of situation properly.

Now, icewm is a rather more visible package than gxedit, what with it's
connections to GNOME and all.  So, I think the time has come to raise
this issue on -devel.  What should M. Meskes and I do with our packages?
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