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ZMailer package available for testing

Hi all,

I repackaged the ZMailer Server, an advanced MTA formerly maintained by
Christopher Lameter. From the README.Debian file:

"ZMailer provides a capable, robust, efficient subsystem to do the job,
which will excel in demanding environments, but is simple enough to fit
easily everywhere". In other words, it is a high-performance MTA. You can
run it on your desktop as well, but in most cases sendmail, exim or another
MTA supplied with Debian will suffice. It's capable of handling lots of
thousands of mail every day on a simple PC.

If you have any non-production machine available on which you'd like to try
this package, get it from


I'd appreciate any suggestion or comment, so that the package gets as good
as possible before I upload it into potato.

Thanks a lot,


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