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Problem from compiler !?


 I'm compiling my project on C language using the following Makefile:

------- cut here -------------------------------
bbs : autenticacao.o idioma.o menus.o extrainfo.o
        gcc -lcrypt -lcurses -o bbs menus.o autenticacao.o idioma.o \
               extrainfo.o bbs.c

idioma.o :
        gcc -c idioma.c

autenticacao.o :
        gcc -c autenticacao.c

extrainfo.o :
        gcc -c extrainfo.c

menus.o : 
        gcc -c menus.c
clean : 
        rm -f *.o *.core
------------ cut here -------------------------

 Meanwhile when i try to compile it i've that:
---- cut here -------------
nemanuel@cavern:~/bbs$ make
gcc -c autenticacao.c
gcc -c idioma.c
gcc -c menus.c
gcc -c extrainfo.c
gcc -lcrypt -lcurses -o bbs menus.o autenticacao.o idioma.o extrainfo.o
bbs.c:29: warning: `ficheiros_BBS' initialized and declared `extern'
------cut here -------------

 Could someone tell me how can I remove that warning !?
 ficheiros_BBS's variable it's defined on bbs.c file as:

extern char *ficheiros_BBS[] = {"/in/login", "in/logout", "in/register" };

 .... and I need to declare it! 

 Even getting this warning I can compile my project! ;) Meanwhile it
appears an error that I can't resolve it! :-(

 bbs.c is the main file and I need to call a function(main_menu()) on
menus.c !

 on menu.c i've an idiom's variable declared as:

  char idiom[10];

 and main_menu() function from menu.c it's: 

    main_menu(int client_desc, char *idiom )  

  My problem is that when I call main_menu(client, idiom)(menus.c) from
bbs.c(main file) and send idiom char array as second argument, main_menu()
function get garbage on idiom variable and so don't get my string !:(((
  It's not sending my variable value ! :-( Or if it's it will erase it and
copy into that trash.

 What could it be !?

 Sorry about some confusion.

 Any help will be nice.

 Best regards,
   Nuno Carvalho

   Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
 Dep. Informatics Engineering
    University of Coimbra

  PGP key available at finger

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