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Re: vim and GTK

> > > If you read vim-dev, you should probably noticed that GTK+ support is
> > > probably not for long...=20
> > > The contributor does not like the way his code was re-indented and
> > > requested to remove it from further releases :)
> > He did not request it yet I think, but seeing his threats it is very
> > likely. I hope someone else will step up to support the GTK+ port
> > though. If I read the quotations correctly Bram (main vim author) said
> > it looked very nice..
> Let me get this straight--he wants the code pulled because he doesn't 
> like the way someone else indented it?

In short - yes, but this would be only half the truth. Indenting style of VIM
looks weird enough for me - I absolutely cannot read the code with indentation
used by Bram - original VIM author. When I wanted to fix some bugs I had to
re-indent some parts of it by hand to be able to read. 

Another problem is that the contributor made some further changes to the code 
but cannot just apply the patch because his original code was re-indented. 

In any case, the probelem seem to be resolved by now - Bram decided to keep
his code with contributor original indentation.

Alex Y.
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