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Re: Linux IP POSTER software!

I really appreciate your comments and I think that we may actually change
it to freeware. I am not an advanced coder by far and this is my first
attempt at releasing something. Would you guys consider distributing thiis
as freeware or is the code too sloppy?

Thank you very much for responding.



On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Joseph Carter wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 12:31:57PM -0500, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:
> > In my few years running Linux...this is the FIRST piece of Linux SHAREWARE
> > I have seen. I am sure there must be others but...I havn't seen them.
> OSS/Linux, $20 for a full package of sound drivers, some of which require
> NDAs to get code for.
> > I wish you luck with trying to distribute shareware for linux, but
> > IMHO it wont work to well.
> ALSA, The Advanced (free) Linux Sound Architecture.  =>
> > The main problem is that $20 is a bit much for IPPOST anyway...esp when 
> > a large precentage of Linux users could write an equivalent script in about
> > 15 minites (thast with the time screwing with sed to get it right)
> > and many of them would release it for free if they did have a need
> > to write such a thing.
> 5 minutes and the sed line is just one line which replaces a token with
> your IP address which is read from the environment in Debian or as a
> cmdline parameter to ip-up on most systems, since this is where you'd
> want it to be used from.
> Most IP posters I have seen do this with a web page someplace.  This is
> easy, create your web page and have this nice little token in it for your
> IP address and then use sed to put your IP into the thing, then put it on
> the server.  Putting it on the server is the hard part, but if your
> server supports publishing it's real easy and if you have ftp access it's
> also easy.  If you have NFS or something else well I'm not going to mess
> with it, but that's easy too.
> 5 minutes, and I'm not a coder.  =>
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> Sig du jour!

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