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Re: Election Dates

On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 10:22:44AM -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > I have to comment on this: according to the constitution any
> > interpretation that is made by the project secretary is final, according
> > to section 7.1, point 3 of the constitution. 
> > 
> What the section actually says is:

Is there really any need to argue it in this case?  So far as I
understand it, the candidates have agreed to wait until the nomination
period is up. It might be argued that we don't have to, but we pretty
much agreed that we would.

Unless someone else thinking of running has a problem with our agreement
and does not wish to hold to it (a moot point at this point considering
the nomination period is just about up and as far as I'm concerned a new
candidate is welcome to use the next few days if they want to (since the
rest of us kinda did have a head start)

If you or anyone else feels strongly about a need to resolve this now,
that is fine and we should do so.  If it's just for the benefit of the
current candidates, as one of them I believe at this stage it is not

We've already heard that candidates should not campaign at all (which
frankly I disagree with, Debian is too big an organization to have two
people say "I'm running" and have that be all they say.  The natural
response I would have is "who are you, why should I pick you over anyone
else, and what kind of leader would you be?"  I tend not to trust people
who can't/won't answer these questions and answering them is probably by
the definition of the one who suggested it "campaigning".  Clearly if
that is so, no campaigning at all is not a reasonable requirement for the

But like anything, there needs to be time to discuss the candidates,
question them, find out if we really want to have them wear the leader
hat or not.  It has been described that the leader is not a master
position but rather a slave position.  This is how it should be, the
leader is responsible to the people who elected that leader, and perhaps
more so to the people who voted against them.  Still, as a representative
of the group, duly elected no less, they represent the group.  Choosing
the right person for the job is essential.

As to the question of when campaigning should begin, I disagree with
gecko's interpretation of the constitution, but do not mind going by his
interpretation since we agreed we would.

I'm sure all of us are still getting mail related and unrelated to the
DPL stuff that our answers to will be considered when it comes time to
vote anyway, intended or not.  As it should be IMO.

Sig du jour!

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