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Re: use doc-base not dwww for doco pkgs (was Re: menu system)

joostje@debian.org writes:

> Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:
> > Adam Di Carlo <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:
> >> Even the dwww maintainer, AFAIK, advocates doc-base rather than
> s/Even/Only/
> >> using dwww menu files directly.  Plus they have a nicer syntax.
> >> Plus I have big plans for an RDF metadata repository once we get
> >> slink out the door and I get some breathing room again.
> > I'll second that.  :-)
> > Dwww is undergoing a rewrite (too late for slink, unfortunately).  I
> > haven't played around much with doc-base yet, but I think that's
> > definitely the way to go.
> Jim, note that it's unfortunately also too late for hamm and rex.
> It was many, many moons ago when you told me that you had
> fantastic ideas with dwww, and and that the menuentry syntax
> was too limited for your ideas. However, all that time (I think
> over a year, maybe even more) you have been unable to answer my
> questions as to _what_ limitations there are in the menuentry
> syntax that you want to get rid of. And, unless I miss something,
> nothing has happened on the dwww front.
> Also, note that if you don't like the html files (and structure)
> generated by the /etc/menu-methods/dwww file, then that's your
> problem. I've got (and I think also sent to you) menu-method dwww scripts
> that generate much nicer www trees etc.
> That's one advantage of menu: local users/sysadm can completely 
> rearrange the way the www pages (and the whole tree) looks.
> For the rest I'm not very much into dwww. The only reason I
> post here so negatively is because I'm somewhat disappointed by
> your year-long-promise to completely rewrite dwww `very soon now'.
> And because you see limitations in menu that you don't want
> to describe.
> Sorry if I seem harsh. Wasn't intended that way.

That's ok.  I deserve hard criticism.  I should have the rewrite done
a long time ago.  I think dwww is a victim of the "second system
effect", after I took it over from Lars.  I've already switched
directions on how I'm going to do it several times.

Time to get serious...


 - Jim

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