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Intent to package: GtkImreg


I intent to package GtkImreg written by me :)

It is a GTK+ widget to select an area in an image given as GdkImlib
structure and obtain the coordinates of this selection.

The widget represents an image with a mouse drawn rubber box.
The enhancement against other rubber boxes is that you can
type the coordinates manually if you want and can gain an
enhancement in pixelwise exactness.
It was used in paul to cut images and to insert thumbnails
into clickable maps.

See also the Manpage libgtkimreg.3 and testimreg.c .

GTK+ 1.1.3 or higher, GdkImlib 1.8.1 or higher

Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de>


To be exact: The package is uploaded to master in this moment.
The intent to package comes so late because I'm sure that nobody
else has done it, because this package is available since some hours :).
Moreover I want to do the packageing myself :).

Kind regards


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