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Re: Debian [potato/slink] equivalent of RH packages for building Mozilla

>>>>> "Sudhakar" == Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com> writes:

    Sudhakar> I was poking around the Mozilla site when I came across
    Sudhakar> http://www.mozilla.org/build/unix.html which are the
    Sudhakar> instructions for building Mozilla.  The gtk+ packages
    Sudhakar> listed there are all in rpm format.  I did a bit of
    Sudhakar> research and came up with the following list of
    Sudhakar> equivalent Debian packages.  Could some knowledgable
    Sudhakar> soul tell me if this list is correct?

RH		Debian
glib-devel	libgtk-dev
glib		libglib
gtk+		libgtk
gtk+-devel	libgtk-dev

This is almost right, but not right for your aims.

Since you want to compile Mozilla, you will need the newest GTK+ and
GLib packages, version 1.1. These are only in our "frozen" and
"unstable" distributions, codenamed "slink" and "potato",

potato has GTK+ and GLib 1.1.6 packages now, and soon will have 1.1.9
packages (when they are moved out of the Incoming queue).

    Sudhakar> 1. If glib.rpm = libglib.deb, shouldn't glib-devel.rpm
    Sudhakar> be = to glib-dev.deb ?

Well, not in the stable release of Debian; in the stable release,
GLib was bundled with libgtk.

    Sudhakar> 2. What is the difference between gtk+ and glib?  Why
    Sudhakar> does RH provide seperate -devel.rpm for both while
    Sudhakar> Debian seems to have one -dev.deb which seems to provide
    Sudhakar> both?

GTK+ is a graphics toolkit. GLib is a general library of C routines
for common needs such as lists and hash tables.

Debian used to provide one -dev deb for both because they used to
both be shipped together upstream.

    Sudhakar> 3. The build instructions page says that version 1.1.5
    Sudhakar> or higher of gtk+ and glib is required.  Would the
    Sudhakar> Debian equivalent be in potato?

Yes. 1.1.6 is in potato now. You want:


I will mail the Mozilla folks and provide them links to the libgtk1.1
Debian packages for their web page.


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