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Re: 2.0.3x Kernel feature - immutable and append only files

On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 02:11:25PM +0000, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> Joerg Friedrich wrote:
>   >And this is Alan Cox' note:
>   >http://lwn.net/1998/1217/2.0.36.html
> ....
>   >Linux 2.0.36 fixed various security holes as does any stable OS update.
> ....
>   >       mmap on append only files has to be restricted to read maps. 
> What utilities (if any) support append only and immutable files?  It doesn't
> seem to be a feature of chmod and apropos produces nothing for immutable,
> append or acl. There doesn't seem to be a chacl program anywhere.
> Does the fileutils package need to be upgraded to support this feature?

       chattr - change file attributes on a Linux second extended
       file system

       chattr [ -RV ] [ -v version ] [ mode ] files...

       chattr changes the files attributes on an second  extended
       file system.

       The format of a symbolic mode is +-=[ASacdisu].

       The  operator  `+'  causes  the  selected attributes to be
       added to the existing attributes of the files; `-'  causes
       them  to  be  removed;  and `=' causes them to be the only
       attributes that the files have.

       The letters `ASacdisu' select the new attributes  for  the
       files:  don't  update  atime (A), synchronous updates (S),
       append only (a), compressed (c), immutable  (i),  no  dump
       (d), secure deletion (s), and undeletable (u).

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